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Red Teaming Adversary Simulation

challenge the effectiveness of your people, technology, and process resilience against cyber threats

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, ensuring the resilience of your organization is critical. Today, cyber threats pose significant challenges to businesses of all sizes, often exploiting vulnerabilities in people, technology, and processes.

Enter Red Teaming Adversary Simulations. This proactive approach goes beyond traditional security measures by actively testing your organization’s defenses against real-world cyber threats. By simulating sophisticated attack scenarios, we uncover weaknesses and fortify your defenses.

Satius Security’s approach ensures the organization’s Technology, Process, and People’s readiness and capacity to disrupt the attack kill chain at every stage.

Our security qualifications

Our experts hold numerous industry certifications and vendor specific certified trainings to insure standardized approach and optimal results.


Zero-Point Security’s Certified Red Team Operator.


Certified Red Team Professional.


Offensive Security Certified Professional.


Offensive Security Certified Expert.


Offensive Security We Expert


What is red teaming?

Among various cyber security evaluations, a simulated cyber-attack offers the closest approximation to assessing your organization’s readiness against adept and persistent hackers.

The primary distinctions between red teaming and penetration testing lie in their depth and scope. Penetration testing aims to uncover and exploit numerous vulnerabilities swiftly, whereas red teaming involves a more thorough examination conducted over weeks to assess an organization’s detection and response capabilities and accomplish predefined objectives, such as data extraction.

Satius Security’s Red Team Operation surpasses conventional security testing by rigorously assessing the effectiveness of technology, personnel, and procedures in detecting and responding to a meticulously targeted attack spanning an extended duration.

Example goals of a Red Team Operation

Gaining access to a segmented environment holding sensitive data

Taking control of an IoT device or a specialist piece of equipment

Compromising the account credentials of a company director

Benefits of Red Teaming

Evaluate your response to attack

Discover the readiness of your organization in addressing a focused assault aimed at evaluating the efficiency of both personnel and technology.

Identify and classify security risks

Uncover your organization’s readiness to handle a targeted assault, designed to assess the effectiveness of both personnel and technology.

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities

By replicating the most current adversarial tactics, red teaming aids in uncovering concealed vulnerabilities that attackers may attempt to leverage.

Address identified exposures

Access vital post-operation assistance to tackle any vulnerabilities uncovered and mitigate the risk of real-world attacks.

Enhance blue team effectiveness

Through simulating various scenarios, red team testing assists your security team in recognizing and rectifying deficiencies in threat coverage and visibility.

Prioritize future investments

Enhance your comprehension of your organization’s security vulnerabilities and guarantee that future investments yield optimal benefits.


Actionable outcomes to secure your business

Throughout an engagement, our certified ethical hackers provide regular feedback to ensure that your key stakeholders stay informed. Here’s what you can expect to receive post-assessment:

Executive summary

A high-level overview of the red team operation for executive and management teams.

Technical details

Detailed technical feedback to enable technical teams to understand and replicate findings.

Expert risk analysis

A comprehensive analysis of all security risks identified, their severity and possible impact.

Actionable intelligence

Tactical and strategic recommendations, including clear advice to help address risks.

Key features of our Red Teaming service

What you can expect from a Red Team Operation conducted by Satius Security:

Experts in
Offensive Security

Our Red Team experts use their knowledge of how genuine attackers breach defenses to comprehensively challenge your organization’s cyber security controls and incident response capabilities.

Offensive mindset
Intelligent-led testing

To insure that our engagement mimics real world attack, our red team experts use evasion, deception and stealth techniques similar to those used by sophisticated threat actors.

Attack methods

To fulfill the agreed objectives, red team testing adopts “no limits” approach. A broad range of techniques used including social engineering, Command & Control and otehr activities.


Satius Security will provide an executive and technical detailed post engagement report to be discussed with stakeholders with actionable insight and guidance for remediation.


Frequently asked questions

Performed by a team of qualified ethical hackers, a red team exercise leverages the latest hacking tools and techniques to launch a simulated cyber-attack designed to thoroughly test an organization’s security robustness as well as threat detection and response capabilities.

A penetration test is a targeted type of cyber security evaluation aimed at uncovering and exploiting numerous vulnerabilities within a brief timeframe, typically spanning only a few days. These tests commonly focus on assessing specific domains like networks and web applications.

A Red Team Operation is an extensive engagement carried out over several weeks with a defined objective, such as data exfiltration, to assess an organization’s detection and response capabilities. Unlike many penetration testing methods, Red Team Operations adhere to a black-box methodology to accurately emulate genuine attackers’ approaches.

The duration of a Red Team Operation varies according to the exercise’s scope and objectives. A comprehensive end-to-end red team engagement typically spans one to two months, while scenario-based operations with a narrower focus can be completed within 11-18 days. Shorter operations, such as those simulating insider threats, typically operate under the assumption of compromise.

In contrast to real cyber-attacks, Red Team Operations are crafted to be non-destructive and non-disruptive. Selecting a CREST accredited provider of ethical hacking services ensures that all engagements adhere to pre-established rules of engagement and uphold the highest technical, legal, and ethical standards.

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