Great code is secure code, and helping customers achieve it runs through everything we do.

Organizations need application security testing that provides high assurance and high value, while not slowing down development efforts.

Failure to implement application security into DevOps isn’t a technical problem, it’s an organizational problem. Lack of buy-in from management and developers holds organizations back, not technology. The idea of “security as code” requires a change in mindset and it starts with selecting an AppSec solution that developers can easily adopt.


DevSecOps with Fortify

Fortify integrates into your existing development toolchain seamlessly, giving you the highest quality findings and remediation advice during every stage, creating more secure software. With Fortify, you don’t need to trade quality of results for speed.

application security testing

Developer-driven AppSec

Having defense in depth with Fortify in the CI/CD pipeline is key to modern success. Integrate and automate with the tools developers use by leveraging an extensive integration ecosystem.

Speed and accuracy

Fast, frictionless security without sacrificing quality with seamless security integrated with any tool, anywhere in the SDLC.

Enterprise scale

Scale with ScanCentral and AI, which enables a small AppSec team to support an entire organization.


Detect security flaws as code is written

Fortify integrates seamlessly with popular Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs), allowing developers to find and fix security flaws during every stage, creating secure software with more flexibility and speed. With Fortify, you don’t need to sacrifice quality of results for speed of scans.


Plan application and infrastructure security from the start

The right tools can help meet the goal of continuously integrated security. This includes an integrated development environment with CI security templates, automated security gates, and reduction of false positives.


Custom and open source application security testing options

Automated SAST and DAST testing of any technology, from development through production. SAST identifies the root cause and helps remediate underlying security flaws. DAST simulates controlled attacks to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Software Composition Analysis (SCA) with Fortify + Sonatype automates visibility into open source software (OSS).

application security testing

Why Fortify application security testing?

Undisputed Leadership

The only AppSec solution recognized as a market leader by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and G2.

Proven Expertise

Two decades of empowering enterprises by delivering a holistic, inclusive, and extensible AppSec platform spanning SCA, SAST and DAST that supports the breadth and management of your application portfolio.

Passion and Pride

Great code is secure code, and helping customers achieve it runs through everything we do.

application security testing

Code Security For Your


Innovative API discovery and testing for any application, throughout the software lifecycle.

Web Apps

Confidently secure your modern web apps with our industry leading AST portfolio.

Mobile Apps

Deliver the trust your mobile application users require with security testing across the client, network and backend service layers.

Infrastructure as a code

Comprehensive shift-left security for cloud native: From IaC to serverless in a single solution.


Secure your containers by preventing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations from making it to production.

Clients & embedded

Build resilience into your Internet-of-things (IoT), connected devices and client apps with Fortify's proven testing prowess.

How Satius Delivers value?

For clients with requirements for on-demand services, Satius Security provides Dynamic Application Security Testing. This includes the ability to integrate into their development pipeline.

Most reporting fails to convey the implications of risk levels for business processes. Board members find these reports off putting— poorly written and overloaded with acronyms and technical shorthand.

Your trusted partner for Managed Services

Ready for Cyber Resilience?

Learn more how our Managed Service can help you achieve Cyber Resilience and be an extension of your team without breaking the budget.


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