Enhance your Cyber Resilience against threats by reducing your people's exposure with phishing attack simulation.


Measure and enhance People's resilience with Phishing Attack Simulation

Phishing Attack Simulation mimics genuine phishing emails that organizations can send to employees to evaluate online behavior and gauge knowledge levels concerning phishing attacks. These emails replicate cyber threats professionals may encounter in their daily routines, both within and outside of work hours.

Phishing attack simulation is essential for ensuring that your employees can identify and evade cyber threats such as phishing, social engineering, ransomware, and more. These hands-on phishing tests can be integrated into any security awareness training initiative, streamlining the effort to minimize risk, fortify resilience against threats, and foster a security-conscious organizational culture.

Phishing simulations enrich every security awareness training regimen by instructing employees on recognizing and circumventing phishing assaults within a secure setting. The effectiveness of simulations is heightened when they replicate authentic cyber threats users might face. Incorporating the latest phishing dangers into your security awareness training initiative ensures your entire team stays abreast of the most current information.

Your organization’s employees receive simulated phishing attacks that closely resemble real-world scams through a SaaS solution, such as the one provided by Satius Security. Individuals who click on the malicious link or would have compromised sensitive information if the phishing email were genuine do not pass the test. Organizations oversee employee conduct during phishing simulations by monitoring their responses and assessing risk levels accordingly.

It is recommended that organizations conduct these exercises between 4 and 10 times per year to achieve an optimal click rate reduction.

According to the 2022 Gone Phishing Tournament, Roughly 1 in 10 users click on the link in phishing emails. Historically, organizations that perform more phishing simulations annually find it easier to reduce their click rates below this standard. When coupled with comprehensive security awareness training, the Satius Security phishing simulation solution enhances essential threat awareness while ensuring administrative convenience.

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Organizations often focus their cyber security efforts on Technology or Process and fall short on People 

What Types of Phishing Simulation we cover?

Of the hundreds of the known phishing scams that exist, here are the four most common types we cover:

phishing attack simulation
phishing attack simulation
phishing attack simulation
phishing attack simulation


In email phishing attacks, urgency is a key tactic. Scammers distribute convincing emails to numerous recipients, urging them to change passwords or update personal and account information.


This phishing method closely mimics email-based phishing. Hackers attempt to obtain confidential information from individuals by sending text messages that demand a response or additional action.

Spear Phishing

This strategy involves utilizing emails to launch targeted attack to a specific individual or organization. The perpetrator gathers personal details about their target and employs them to craft a customized and credible email.

CEO Fraud

Cyber criminals send emails pretending to be a C-level executive or simply a colleague, usually requesting a fund transfer or tax information.


Our Phishing Simulation Methodology

Satius Security attempts to build and execute a Phishing Simulation as realistically as possible to real attacks by mimicking the same process a real attacker takes. From reconnaissance phase to launching the campaign. 

Our security qualifications

Our experts hold numerous industry certifications and vendor specific certified trainings to insure standardized approach and optimal results.


Zero-Point Security’s Certified Red Team Operator.


Certified Red Team Professional.


Offensive Security Certified Professional.


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