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Our Security Controls Validation service is designed to test an organization’s security posture by simulating various stages of a cyberattack, from initial compromise to data exfiltration. The primary goal is to simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world cyber attackers to validate the effectiveness of your endpoint prevention and detection mechanisms against emerging threats.

BAS (Breach and Attack Simulation) validates an organization's security posture by testing its ability to detect a portfolio of simulated attacks performed by SaaS platforms, software agents, and virtual machines. In addition, it generates detailed reports about security gaps and prioritizes remediation efforts based on the risk level. The typical users of these technologies are financial institutions, insurance companies, and more "


Cloud Security Validation

Migration of workloads to the cloud continues to increase the challenge of defending against the latest cyber threats.

Satius Cloud Security Validation helps security teams keep pace with cloud security posture management by identifying common misconfigurations and overly permissive IAM policies – the two primary causes of cloud data breaches.

Through 2025, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault, mainly in the form of cloud resource misconfiguration.


Challenges of AWS Cloud Security

If your organization has workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s vital to ensure that they are secured properly and implement best practices. AWS cloud attacks often occur because organizations fail to follow AWS’s Shared Responsibility Model and identify cloud misconfigurations.

Common AWS misconfigurations that can lead to cloud security data breaches include:


Due to the rapid pace of digital transformation, the increasing complexity of cloud environments, and human error, critical security gaps that could enable attackers to compromise your cloud services can arise daily.

Satius Security Validation for AWS helps you to proactively identify and address exposures by:

Auditing core AWS services

Scanning fourteen AWS services, Picus CSV identifies critical cloud misconfigurations that attackers could exploit. These include excessive privileges, exposed S3 buckets, and cryptographic failures.

Simulating privilege escalation scenarios

In the event attackers are able to access your cloud environment, they will likely attempt to access critical systems by escalating privileges. To identify overly permissive IAM policies, Picus CSV gathers resources from across AWS and simulates attacks in a Local Policy Simulator.

Delivery Models

Our Cloud Security Validation doesn’t just identify issues. It also provides the insights and recommendations you need to understand their severity and respond to risks quickly.

With different and flexible delivery models of our service, we insure clients get the most suitable option for the requirements and the budget.

On-Demand Assessment

Short engagement aimed to validate your cloud security with a executive report and actionable insight findings report.

Managed Service

This continuous service can be offered as a stand alone for cloud security validation or as a part of our broader offering.Continuous Threat Exposure Management CTEM!

Turn-Key Solution

Whether you wish to upgrade from on demand or managed service to have the platform delivered from implementation to 1st level support and training.

Our security qualifications

Our experts hold numerous industry certifications and vendor specific certified trainings to insure standardized approach and optimal results.


Zero-Point Security’s Certified Red Team Operator.


Certified Red Team Professional.


Offensive Security Certified Professional.


Offensive Security Certified Expert.


Offensive Security We Expert

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